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Thanks to Luciana I have been able to add high quality scans of Simon who is featured in this months Madame Figaro to the gallery. Hoping to find outtakes of the shoot that accompanied this article soon. Enjoy!

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My apologies for not mentioning this earlier … I feel terrible for missing it! Simon was a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today (January 23rd). Simon was on hand to help Ellen get ready for her trip Down Under with a game all about Australian trivia! I will try to get my hands on the full interview for your viewing pleasures! In the meantime, take a look at the fun clip below:

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Simon was on Ellen January 31 and I’ve added video below plus screencaptures to the gallery. He was lovely and charming as always.

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Simon’s gonna be on Ellen today. Make sure you check your local listings for times! I’ll try to have video and screencaptures up as soon as I can.

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The Mentalist star Simon Baker has suggested that his character Patrick Jane is growing darker.

Baker told Entertainment Weekly that the genius crime-fighter is on an “interesting journey”.

“It feels to me a little bit that, here’s a guy who is likable and empathetic,” he said. “And he’s slowly turning to the dark side and [becoming] maybe less empathetic.”

The Australian star admitted that he wants to keep reinventing the Jane character as the fourth season of The Mentalist continues.

“It’s always difficult when you’re on a show that goes for more than a year or a couple of years,” he explained. “I’m always looking for things that are interesting and different that I can exploit within the character.”

He added: “If they’re able to take him into these different paths and avenues, it makes it more refreshing for me.”

Baker revealed in October that he is contracted up to a potential seventh season of the CBS drama.

“We are in our fourth year, but I think my character is unlike most characters on TV,” he said. “If I put my mind to it, I can still make the character entertaining for me to play. I can still challenge myself a little bit.”

The Mentalist continues on Thursdays at 10/9c on CBS. The show will return to Channel 5 in the UK in February.


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As promised I’ve added the screencaptures of Simon from Letterman to the gallery. You can also watch his interview below. He’s so awesome!

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Simon was on Conan on September 20 being as adorably awesome as usual and I’ve posted video below and added screencaptures to the gallery.

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