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COMICBOOKMOVIE.COM – One Reddit user has taken to the web to report a (possibly dubious) cast of Doctor Strange, as well as detailing how the Scarlet Avenger may factor in to future sequels.

One ForbiddenOne01 reported this today on the Marvel Studios reddit:

Okay, so filming starts in May, so I feel comfortable revealing this info since Marvel’s bound to release it soon (I’m surprised it’s taken them this long to be honest).

Marvel has been taking advantage of the Spider-Man and Civil War news to keep attention on them assembling the cast of Doctor Strange. That’s not why they made that deal obviously, but they certainly are taking advantage of the opportunity to get the news outlets like Latino Review off their back.

Essentially it works like this:

Chiwetel Ejiofor is Jericho Drumm (aka Brother Voodoo)
Juliet Rylance (who worked with Derrickson on Sinister) is reportedly Clea
Ancient One hasn’t been cast yet, but it’s down to the previously reported Freeman and Watanabe.
Baron Mordo, the primary villain, is Simon Baker
Wong is John Cho

The villain of the first film is Baron Mordo, with references to Dormammu ala Thanos in Guardians. The film will deal with either the Time or Soul Gem (with Guardians 2 around the corner, I presume they are using the Soul Gem, so it’s likely the Time Gem but that’s just me), which will tie it into Avengers.

There is also another female role, Umar, that has not been cast, though apparently Marvel instated an executive mandate of a minimum of two plot-important female characters per film, which has been in place since the start of Phase 2.

Apparently the plan is that during Infinity War, Strange will meet Scarlet Witch, and from there Marvel will incorporate her into the Doctor Strange franchise in future sequels as Strange’s apprentice so they have something for her to do. (I guess Quicksilver will be with Captain America)

So what do you believe? Do you take it with a grain of salt, or do you think it seems plausible enough to be accurate? There is a lot of very specific information here, and not all (or even any) of it may be accurate. I suppose we’ll find out soon enough, with the way this sort of thing works.

February 23rd, 2015
melanie jo

The Mentalist – “Finale” Recap

Jane agrees to once again pretend to be a renowned psychic and be used as bait in an attempt to lure out a serial killer and give the FBI a chance to apprehend him. Lisbon accepts Jane’s surprise marriage proposal, but a killer’s quest for revenge may cost them the happy ending they’ve worked so hard to achieve. – It all comes to an end for “The Mentalist” next week. Wednesday, Feb. 18, will bring the two-hour double-episode finale of the long-running CBS series, which promises to be a bittersweet affair. Fans will have to say goodbye to Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) and Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney), but, on the plus side, wedding bells are ringing! How will it all go down in last two episodes?

Episode 12, “Brown Shag Carpet,” will feature a blast from the past for Jane and fans as the FBI consultant gives an old trick a new look. According to the synopsis, Jane will agree to pretend to be a prominent psychic again to lure a bad guy out of hiding for the FBI. The plot brings the series full circle as viewers were introduced to Jane as a psychic before it was revealed he was just gifted with keen skills of observation.

However, all fans will be talking about when the show comes to an end will be the wedding! The synopsis for episode 13, “White Orchids,” reveals Jane will surprise Lisbon with a marriage proposal in the show’s finale and that she, of course, will accept. The two lead characters have been in a romantic relationship since the finale of Season 6 — after six seasons of romantic tension — and they will end the show by tying the knot. Apparently, a killer out for revenge will try to ruin the much-anticipated wedding. However, recently released pictures of the episode, like the one above, suggest nothing will stop the happy couple from exchanging their vows before they say their goodbyes to fans.

February 12th, 2015
melanie jo

The Mentalist – “Byzantium” Recap

A young man claims to be psychic and offers to assist the FBI with solving some murders, but soon the team suspect he might be the person who committed the killings.

February 7th, 2015
melanie jo

The Mentalist Photocall in Paris

Simon has been in Paris, France this past week and while there, he participated in a photoshoot for Elle as well as attending the photocall for The Mentalist. I have added over 100 pics of him from the event to the gallery. So check them out. – IT’S seven years since Simon Baker debuted as TV’s Patrick Jane, the fraudulent – and successful – psychic who uses his skills to help the California Bureau of Investigation solve murders.

But now the series is coming to a close, and the 45-year-old actor admits it’s the right time.

The dynamic of the series changed, he notes, after his character’s quest for revenge – against the serial killer who murdered his wife and daughter – was concluded last season.

“That’s all he was living for,” says the Australian star, who had roles in Aussie soaps Home And Away and Heartbreak High before moving to the US.

“Once he catches the bad guy and exercises revenge, what has he got?”

Instead, The Mentalist’s seventh and final season will delve into Jane and FBI agent Teresa Lisbon’s much-anticipated relationship.

“We’re now going to shift the dynamic of the show, to the perspective of two adults who work together,” explains Baker.

“Can they succeed in having a relationship at the same time, or are they too selfish, too self-destructive?”

After being colleagues for almost a decade, he admits the change in their fictional relationship took a bit of adjusting to.

“It’s a little bit like kissing my sister,” confesses Baker, who’s been nominated for two Golden Globes during his career; in 2002 for US TV series The Guardian, based on a Pittsburgh law firm, and later for The Mentalist.

The ending of the show might already have been dictated, but the actor, who has three children with his wife, Australian actress Rebecca Rigg, confesses he was hoping for a “slightly different” finale.

“I think the most tragic endings are more romantic in a way. I also think about the character that I signed on to play,” he adds. “He was a tragic character from the beginning, and to me, it only ever felt right that there was sort of a tragic ending to it.”

In real life, Baker has been happily married to Rigg since 1998.

“It was pretty crazy, in that I was as young as I was,” says the actor, who was 29 when the couple tied the knot. “It’s not that young, but I was unemployed and didn’t have a pot to p**s in! But you’ve got to take risks.”

Despite spending most of his career on the small screen – though millions will also recognise him from 2006 movie The Devil Wears Prada – The Mentalist star admits he believes that TV series can sometimes patronise audiences.

“The audience should be treated with a certain level of intelligence, and I get very upset when we talk down to them. It annoys me,” he reveals.

“The audience is savvy, they know the characters, they’re going to get those leaps, and even if they don’t, they’ll enjoy the speculation about it. We don’t need to force-feed them.”

Baker, who was presented with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2013, doesn’t deny that his starring role in The Mentalist has taken a toll on his private life.

“Everyone misses privacy, whether you’re in the public eye or not. But there are a lot of positive things that are exchanged. I’ve had a fantastic experience,” he adds.

He’s excited about enjoying some downtime with his nearest and dearest, now that filming’s over.

“I’m looking forward to enjoying the simple things socially, actually reconnecting with friends and family that I’ve been a little bit out of the loop with for the last seven years.

“I’d love to be the assistant coach of my kids’ soccer team, and actually be able to go to practices, or just go camping,” adds Baker, who, as Patrick Jane, reportedly became one of the highest paid actors in TV.

But he doesn’t want to lose momentum either, and is keen to further the producing and directing skills he also honed on the series.

“I like the idea of developing and producing something from the beginning, maybe a mini-series. I’m interested in finding material to do that with, and also partnering up with the right people.”

As for the keepsake he’ll take from his memorable time on The Mentalist, that’s easy…

“I might take a suit or two. They’re made for me and have my name on them,” says Baker. “I’ll keep them for my sons.”

l The final series of The Mentalist begins on Channel 5 on Thursday, February 12.

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